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How to choose accommodation?

When planning a trip and choosing an apartment, it’s normal that you want to get the best for your money. Which apartment is best depends on what you want, what exactly you are planning for and what is the reason for your trip. However, there are several things you should pay attention in any case.


If your trip is exclusively tourist oriented, you should look for accommodation that is not far from the main tourist attractions. The last thing you want is to spend every day spending hours in transportation. Of course, it is impossible to find accommodation from which you will be able to get on foot anywhere, but at least most tourist destinations will be in the vicinity. In particular, in Belgrade, this means that you need accommodation located in the city center. Though you will still have to use the carriage to visit some things (like the Avalian tower or the Flower House), most of your destinations will be a few minutes away.

If on the other side you come for medical tourism, you should look for an apartment located near a clinic or clinic in which you will be able to intervene. In this way, you will be much easier.

The content of the apartment

In order for your holiday to be exactly what you intended, first of all, your apartment needs everything that you need. When choosing, pay attention to the things listed in the apartment, if you still have some doubts, the best way is to get in touch with the renter and inquire.

What can ruin your journey very much is that when you arrive in the apartment he does not have everything you thought he would have. And when you’ve arrived, it’s too late. It’s very inconvenient to harass the city with bags and suitcases in search of another accommodation. And it is very likely that the apartments have already been booked, especially in the season.

In addition to the contents of the apartment, the services that the host offers are very important. When choosing an apartment, be sure to inquire about everything so that there will be no unpleasant surprises.


Many people in Belgrade come for entertainment and noise at night will not bother them because they will not even stay in the apartment at that time, but will be spending time in Belgrade clubs, bars and rafts. If you belong to this group, then there is no need to worry about this. The only thing you can think about and pay attention is that the apartment is not located in a very busy street. It’s not pleasant to see when you get out of your sleep and sleep, especially if you have a little to drink, you hear the noise and trumpet of the car.

However, if you are planning a holiday where you will rest in the right sense of the word, then the noise at night may spoil your complete experience. Look for accommodation located in a more peaceful area, away from clubs, cafes, rafts, cafes. In a quiet street that is not very busy with traffic. Particular attention should be paid to these things if you come with children on vacation.

On which floor is the apartment located and whether the building has an elevator

Perhaps this does not sound so important to you at this moment, however, at the moment you return from a day-trip, dead tired, it will be very important for you to be on the sixth floor to climb on foot or you can use the elevator.

If the apartment is located on a higher floor, with no lifts, and you come for a holiday with children, it will not be pleasant for you to climb up and down several times each day, especially if you still need to carry the stroller and baby.

If you have health problems that you should not be very tired, make sure to choose apartments on the lower floors (ground floor, first, possibly the second floor). You do not want something to happen to you, so that your break makes your doctor’s departure, therapy and strict rest.

In any case, you should pay attention, regardless of the reason for your trip. The apartment on one of the higher floors, without a lift, can spoil your complete experience and challenge the backwardness.


One of the important items for everyone is security. As the safety of the apartment itself, as well as the safety of the city, that is, the part of the city in which the apartment is located. As far as the apartment itself is concerned, pay attention to whether it has a fire extinguisher, where there is an emergency exit, whether it has security locks and the like.

Regarding the city’s work, be aware that the apartment is not located in the problematic part of the city, where there is a high crime rate or where groups of suspicious groups are gathered.

Security in Belgrade is not a problem. Belgrade is generally a secure city and there are no critical parts like some other world metropolis. However, if safety is one of the things that matter to you, when choosing an apartment, inquire about everything, and on arrival, ask the host to write you the emergency numbers (police, firefighters, ambulance) to be with you at any time.


When choosing an apartment, pay attention to all those things that are personal to you and your family are important. We are all different and we are talking



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