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Serbia is becoming more attractive for medical tourism, especially dental tourism, every year recognizing the growth of tourists coming to Serbia for some of the medical interventions. The reason for this is the outstanding quality of services provided by top experts and a low price. Serbia is the country with the lowest prices in the region.

In Serbia, 70 percent of the clinic works according to modern world standards. They invest in knowledge and equipment, so they do not lag behind in computerized dentistry. The service level is exactly the same as in the west.
Serbia is a very interesting tourist destination and has something to offer to foreign guests who are leaving here with delightful memories, satisfied with the hospitality of our people.
Most come from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, America. How much their cost-effective arrival in our clinic is best shown by the example of Switzerland, where a total work involving tooth extraction, implant placement and other works, is worth 60,000 euros. It costs us 12,000 euros each
The development of dental tourism is certainly influenced by the geographic position and the traffic infrastructure, ie the ability to reach quickly and cheaply the desired destination. An important contribution to the formulation of the dental tourism offer in Serbia is also given by Er Srbija, which offers a fast and cheap way to Serbia in line of lines and popular prices. On average, clients stay between seven and ten days, after which all go satisfied.
Bathing in Serbia – the great potential of Serbia and Serbian tourism Serbia is abundant with mineral springs, both cold and hot. Heavy gas and lumpy mud complete Serbian bathing wealth. Over 1000 springs and over 50 baths, they have made tourism in Serbia, the most developed tourist branch. The banquets of the Serbian baths have been known since ancient times.
In Serbia, there are as many as 360 sources of thermal water, Vranjska Banja with a temperature of 110 ° C is the warmest mineral water in Europe. The largest continental peacock in Europe is our Deliblative peasant, Djerdapska klisura is the largest fairy-tale in Europe, the floating island of Vlasina, Djavolja Varoš, a volcanic deposit of 15 meters high with a stem as a cap on the top, is very rare in the world, Obedska Bar is the first protected area in Europe and the second after Jelouston in the world.
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