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Aesthetic surgery is a subgroup of plastic surgery and deals with the correction of aesthetic defects and anomalies by beautifying the human body and face. This branch of surgery is at the same time an integral part of antiaging medicine because it aims to accelerate the appearance of the patient’s body and face giving him a younger and fresher look.

With the further, didactic goal of explaining the term “aesthetic surgery”, it is firstly desirable to briefly mention what is plastic surgery.
Plastic surgery involves surgical procedures that change the person’s physical appearance. This surgery has a reconstructive or aesthetic purpose. Namely, reconstructive surgery interventions refer primarily to correction of physical functions, reduction or elimination of deformations caused by some diseases, accidents or innate deformations.


On the other hand, aesthetic procedures do not have a complete medical purpose and have a less significant effect on physical health, but also have a functional purpose.


Aims of aesthetic surgery

The aesthetic procedure is actually an elective operation that changes the appearance of the face or body of a person subject to this operation, in order to beautify the face or part of the body to which the change is necessary. According to the famous professor, and also a prominent member of the British Association for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Simon Kej, aesthetic surgery changes the present look of a person in a person’s desirable appearance.

However, he also claims that the aesthetic surgery carries the same number of risk factors as any other surgery and that it is crucial to whom the surgeon will be determined.

The most common aesthetic procedure in the world is breast augmentation, then eyelid surgery whose correction makes the face look much younger. Aesthetic surgery also includes procedures such as rhinoplasty, liposuction, abominoplasty, liboplasty, etc.

The aim of this type of intervention is actually bringing the original appearance of a part of the body or face into a desirable, newly emerging appearance with minimal or barely existing additional occurrences (island, bruise), with the health risk low and the ultimate result is long-lasting and effective. In addition to the above, the psychological satisfaction of patients and their self-esteem as well as the functional aspect are also very important.


What are the benefits of aesthetic intervention?

Statistics say that 90% of respondents who underwent this procedure confirmed the theory that aesthetic surgery is actually a choice of lifestyle. These people are the advocates of the theory that the aesthetic procedure solves the problems of the same name. In addition, a typical example is rhinoplasty, by which many people will forever solve their aesthetic or functional problems. Another benefit is that most respondents confirm that people will improve their psycho-physical condition with sadness and self-confidence after one such operation.



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