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Fitness as a term has come to life in our language. Usually we use it as a synonym for exercising on the devices, and it is often heard: “I go to fitness 2x weekly”. “There’s a good fitness instructor there”. “I know a good fitness center near my home.”

The point fitness activities are not to be slim or have a small volume of husks, pronounced muscles, but it’s a lot more than that. Being fit means a state of good physical and mental health, good physical fitness as a result of regular exercise and proper nutrition. To feel good in your own skin, to be healthy and capable of carrying out everyday activities, the goal is for each individual.

The positive impact of physical activity on health is reflected in numerous scientific works, and in recent times also has been used the term health-related fitness, which denotes the whole of which physical activity can influence favorably or adversely, thus affecting the health status (Heimer and Misigoj-Durakovic 1999)

High level of health contributes to a quality life as a whole and to a successful fight against stress. Daily, regular and continuous physical activities contribute to improving our overall health.

A person who is physically active does not necessarily have to achieve top-level, competitive results, but is assumed to have a good degree of endurance, muscle strength and flexibility, and neither balance nor coordination is neglected. The appropriate body weight (desirable ratio of fat and body weight), good blood count, genetic predisposition, good dietary habits, and way of life and work are just some of the factors that contribute to the good condition of the body.

Recommendations for the preservation and improvement of health by the World Health Organization are regular, daily physical activity of moderate intensity. The choice of activity depends on the propensity, ability, knowledge, desires and opportunities of each individual. Given the climatic conditions, the seasons and the conditions of the place where it lives, it is good to combine several forms of physical activity.

Fitness includes 5 basic components:

Cardiovascular ability
Muscular strength and endurance
Mental focus
Body composition
Aerobic durability, which we call fitness, is one of the most important competences for the preservation of health. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, aerobic training is any form of sitic activity performed by the activation of large muscle groups, at least 20 minutes continuously, from 60-80% intensity determined for each individual.

Aerobic endurance works directly on the more efficient work of the cardiovascular and respiratory system. The trained heart knocks fewer times a minute, but with one stroke throws more blood into the bloodstream, improves the overall circulation in the body, the blood vessels are more elastic, the breathed oxygen is better and more efficiently delivered to all body cells, and the elimination of carbon dioxide and waste materials from the organism is better.

At the beginning of each exercise, the body consumes glycogen stored in muscles and liver as a source of energy, and chemical processes arise from carbohydrates. The body uses a glycogen as a source of energy very rationally and, therefore, will, whenever possible, “switch” on the consumption of fat. In order to save glycogen stores, the body begins to waste fat for 20 minutes after the start of exercise if we are in an adequate aerobic zone, and after 30 minutes of continuous exercise, a part of the fat consumption will be significantly higher. Further consumption depends primarily on the intensity of exercise, but also on the duration of the training. The use of fat as a source of energy is possible only with the presence of oxygen, and long-term activity of lower and moderate intensity is recommended. However, training should not be exaggerated, as this greatly increases the possibility of injuries.

Metabolism is accelerated for some time after exercise and still has an increased need for energy. For this reason, it is good to move whenever possible, whether you have weight problems or not, even 10-15 minutes is more than nothing.

Trained people in muscle cells store glycogen in larger quantities than non-naturally occurring individuals, allowing long-lasting, fatigue-free work, and the product’s performance, lactic acid faster and better converts energy into energy again. Despite the fact that the glycogen stock has enough, the trained organism is beginning to use fat as a source of energy, muscle mass and at rest consumes more calories from fat tissue, and the recovery of trained individuals will be faster and more complete.

Therefore, the gym is not the only place for physical activity. If you do not like weight lifting or do not enjoy group fitness programs, do not despair. You may be a lover in the mountains or sailing. Perhaps you find more happiness, satisfaction, and challenges in switching any type of ball over the net, running, swimming or in communion with the same-minded people playing small soccer.



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