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About Dental Vortex

Dental Vortex was set up with the aim to create new smiles. The aim is to provide our patients with the smile they want and deserve.
What we offer:
• We offer cutting edge and innovative technology.
• We use modern materials of improved quality.
• We manage complex cases in cooperation with specialists from different areas of dentistry.
• We strive to make dental treatments as comfortable and pleasant as possible.
• We treat every patient with a lot of understanding and patience to minimize stress and fear.
• Each patient receives education on a proper way of maintaining oral hygiene and the importance of check-ups to improve their oral health.

Teeth are immensely important for people. Unfortunately, people often become aware only when they start losing one or more teeth. Tooth loss leads to a lot of problems. Chewing problem is the most obvious, however, it results further in digestion problems, which can later cause general health deterioration. Additionally, there are also speech problems as well as aesthetic problems that often cause a lack of self-confidence. However, if a tooth has to be extracted, a dental implant is the best solution. Whether you have lost one tooth or all your teeth, dental implants are the right choice for you.
In the last twenty years, laser technology has been quite advanced, therefore, it has also been applied widely in dentistry as well. Dental lasers are now increasingly used as extremely practical devices in dentistry. The reason for this is their multiple application with several important advantages over traditional methods.

Clear aligners or CAD-CAM system for orthodontic tooth straightening with transparent foils represents the latest technology in dentistry for rapid tooth straightening. Thin, transparent, light, cause neither pain nor discomfort, effective! An ideal solution for irregular front teeth and an irregular bite as well. Clear aligners are very similar to home teeth whitening, but are made of harder, but thinner plastics and are almost not visible at all. You can wear them everywhere and always – they are invisible since being almost completely transparent. Teeth correction process is so fast that you will be absolutely thrilled.
For most people, the very idea of extracting a tooth is an extremely unpleasant thing. Besides, if you hear from a dentist that it is necessary to extract a tooth surgically, then it can be really scary.
Don’t worry! Surgical tooth extraction just sounds more frightening than it really is. Our professional experts and high-quality equipment will make the treatment safe and painless.

Do you want a glittering smile and sparkling white teeth, but to keep your own teeth? We have an ideal solution - ceramic facets (veneers). They are fast and easy to place, they last long, and the effect is so beautiful and natural that you will be amazed.

The effect of a bad position of our teeth is visible on our face. It affects the position of lips and facial muscles, which can largely reflect on your appearance. In addition to aesthetic, there are also other negative effects such as difficult maintenance of oral hygiene, resorption, i.e. bone loss, joint problems, etc. Because of this, there is a need for the use of a dental prosthesis. Damon system is a recommendation and the choice of experts in our dental office that is certified for Damon system. Damon prostheses are suitable for patients of all ages both adults for children, Damon system is certainly the best choice.
If you miss a greater number of teeth, there are several ways to solve the problem and have a brilliant smile again. The most modern way is certainly dental implants. However, due to their high price, patients prefer to opt for a more accessible solution - mobile dental prosthetics, i.e. partial and total dental prostheses.

The specificity of dental prostheses is that they can be removed from mouth, which is why they are called mobile dental prosthetics for lost teeth. Patients put on and take them off for oral hygiene. Depending on whether several teeth or all the teeth are being replaced, there are two types of prostheses. There are total and partial dental prostheses.

Metal ceramic crowns are always a good choice, both for economic and aesthetic reasons. They are very practical, inexpensive, and they solve the problem.
Metal ceramic crowns represent fixed prosthetic devices. They are usually used when a tooth is severely damaged and it is not possible to use a classic filling. Metal ceramic crowns are also used if one or more teeth are missing, in fact, a metal ceramic bridge replaces the teeth. Crowns are placed on carriers (whether they are teeth or implants) and all the necessary metal ceramic crowns are connected to a bridge that is stable, functional and beautiful.
Metal-free crowns represent the best aesthetic solution, because they are the closest to the natural look of teeth. Made of high quality material, at affordable price, resistant and comfortable, metal-free crowns are the most needed teeth replacement.
Tooth whitening is a procedure in which all types of discoloration, i.e. colour changes, on the surface of teeth are removed, making teeth much whiter. Tooth whitening is the most popular procedure in dentistry, because it can quickly, easily and painlessly improve your appearance. Additionally, the price of teeth whitening is affordable to everyone. It is no longer luxury, but a necessity. With the latest tooth whitening techniques you will again have a dazzling smile.
A smile is unique, a smile is a part of face and personality. It is worth a lot and a smile can change the world. For a beautiful and brilliant smile, beautiful and brilliant teeth are needed. Ceramic inlays create that brilliant smile.
Milk teeth or baby teeth are treated for a number of reasons. One of the most important is that under each baby tooth there is a tooth bud, the beginning of a permanent tooth. Baby teeth keep a place of permanent teeth. Untreated teeth are often the cause of various infections accompanied by pain and swelling. Cavities in baby teeth bring about problems with food digestion for small children. Other young children can be very cruel to the children who have cavities in all front teeth. Children with a nice smile are, therefore, much more confident and satisfied.
The most common cause of a root canal treatment is caries which has not been removed in time, but progressed and affected the nerve of a root canal. When this occurs, bacteria can accumulate in the root canal and decomposed organic ingredients as well as various toxins that cause an intense inflammatory reaction of the tooth, that is, swelling and pain. It is then necessary to treat the root canal or remove all the bacteria and toxins.
It is clear that oral hygiene is important for preserving oral health. Tooth preservation is very important both for teeth themselves and for the health of the whole organism. Plaque constantly accumulates on teeth, a colourless, sticky mass that consists of bacteria. Therefore, plaque is ta cause of tooth (e.g. caries) and gums disease (periodontitis). In order to avoid such unpleasant experiences, pain, gum bleeding and swelling, oral hygiene is absolutely necessary.
Basically, PRF treatment is used for tissue healing and regeneration by using patients' blood.

Consequently, it is used in medicine and dentistry. It is used as a treatment in orthopedics, aesthetic medicine, general surgery, and oral surgery as well. In aesthetic medicine, the treatment is known as PRP treatment or “Vampire treatment” and is primarily aimed at skin regeneration and revitalisation. In oral surgery, a great deal of PRF treatment is used for wound and bone healing.

Aging is an inevitable process in a human life. Many people do not like aging and consider it as their enemy. However, aging should not be considered as problematic. What mostly disturbs us are the signs of aging. These signs are most obvious on the skin in the form of wrinkles, marks, scars, loose and tired skin.

If you want the signs of aging to disappear on your skin, then hyaluronic filters are the right solution for you. They represent the best treatment for face, but also other parts of body, which will make you enjoy the better side of aging.
Skin is an organ that is mostly exposed to external factors and influences. Bearing this in mind, it is not surprising that it changes over years - wrinkles emerge, and it becomes looser and more tired. However, this entire skin aging process can be slowed down a bit, as skin aging is primarily the result of a lack of certain substances in it. By compensating certain substances, we help our skin to stay young and fresh.



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