Fabrika Osmeha

we produce the most beautiful smiles in the city
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Fabrika Osmeha

we produce the most beautiful smiles in the city
  • 93 view(s)

About Fabrika Osmeha

Combining experience and knowledge, Fabrika Osmeha (Smile Factory) was established to work to improve your oral health. Our team consists of five dentists who will, with a dedicated work, comprehensive care and innovative treatments, provide professional and quality service.

Expertise, reliability and keeping up with the latest technologies and achievements in the field of dentistry are our operating and development principles. In the pleasant ambience of a modern office, we offer you individual and professional dental care in the field of preventive and pediatric dentistry, prosthodontics, periodontology, oral surgery, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

In our work, we use high-quality materials of renowned manufacturers, digital technology and a modern approach, with the aim to exit from our office with a nice smile and permanently solved problems.

We treat each patient as a member of our dental family, so a friendly, relaxed relation with the high expertise of the complete dental team is the foundation of our business philosophy.

Many satisfied smiles are testament to the work of our center. We will try for you to be recognized after a healthy and radiant smile, and our work to be recognized after you.

Fabrika Osmeha

Fabrika Osmeha brings together a team of five highly qualified and experienced dentists and specialists who will provide you with a complete medical and aesthetic advice and care. All our employees are associates of the Faculty of Dentistry and the Military Medical Academy with numerous national and international awards in their fields. In our work, we apply individual approach and try to provide care that fits the specific needs of each patient.



  • Aesthetics
  • Children dentistry
  • General dentistry
  • Implantology
  • Oral surgery
  • Orthodontist

Prices/Services List

Dental reviewfree

Single-surface composite filling (white filling)20€

Double-surface composite filling (white filling)25€

Three-surface composite filling (white filling)28€

Endodontic treatment of single-channel teeth (with endo machine if necessary)22€

Removing tartar and teeth polishing17€

Removing tartar and teeth polishing and sanding23€

Avital teeth whitening20€

Teeth whitening in the dental office130€

Complete denture (with or without mesh)186€

Partial acrylic prosthesis152€

Small repair of prosthesis (fracture, adding one tooth or a hook)34€

Large repair of prosthetics (adding two or more teeth or hooks)42€

Metal – ceramic crown85€

Metal-free crown (zirconium)130€

Crown on the implant metal ceramic110€

Crown on the implant metal-free145€

Removal of soft deposits and instructions on proper hygiene10€

Fissure sealing (per tooth)8€

Fluoridation of teeth17€

Treatment of periodontal pocket12€

Causal therapy by a jaw60€

Routine tooth extraction17€

Hard (difficult) tooth extraction42€

Fixed braces – metal brackets711€

Aesthetic braces – ceramic braces914€

Movable braces254€

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