Dragović Dental

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Dragović Dental

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About Dragović Dental

If you are looking for a modern dental office where dedicated and educated doctors work, come with us and we will convince you that visiting a dentist can and should be a very pleasant experience.

Why we?

  • Because in one place you can get expert help from various areas of dentistry and solve any problems that you have in connection with oral health.

  • Because all interventions are carried out with the help of modern equipment, absolutely painless and following the latest professional and scientific protocols.

  • Because our primary motive is the well-being of the patient in accordance with Hippocrates's basic principle of medical ethics Primum non nocere (Do not hurt first).

  • Because we are available to our patients at the end of the treatment during the maintenance phase of the results achieved.

  • Because we will organize and plan your entire stay if you come from abroad.

  • Because the atmosphere in our office is always positive and because we always have time for all our patients.

Dental office Dragović Dental is located in New Belgrade, near the highway just 10 minutes drive from the city center and the airport.

A team of dedicated young dentists takes care of the health of your teeth working exclusively according to the latest professional and scientific protocols.

We guarantee that we will change for the better your previous experience in dental therapy.

From the first review, you will have the right information about what and how far, with the maximum attention to detail and what really matters to you.

You will always be presented with several possible solutions tailored to your individual oral status and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Painlessness in Work is Absolute Priority!



  • Aesthetics
  • General dentistry
  • Implantology
  • Oral surgery
  • Orthodontist

Prices/Services List

Dental examination20€

Composite (white) seal - one-sided20€

Composite (white) seal - two-sided25€

Channel fill check - one-sided. tooth30€

Tooth whitening (in the clinic) - per fork100€

Metallo-ceramic crown (type 1)130€

Metal ceramic crown (type 2)105€

Non-metallic crown (zirconium)240€

Total prosthesis300€

Partial skeletal prosthesis (PSP)380€

Routine tooth extraction22€

Routine extraction of the umbilicus30€

Treatment of alveolitis (after a session)5€

Surgical extension of the clinical crown (per tooth)50€

Embedding Implants (Type 1470€

Suprastructure (Titans)120€

Metallo-ceramic crown on the implant (type 1)160€

Implant prosthesis (type 1)510€

Implant prosthesis (type 2)930€

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