Lege Artis

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Lege Artis

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About Lege Artis

Lege Artis is a general dental practice dealing with preventative and curative dentistry. Treatment of mouth and tooth diseases, prosthetics and cosmetic dentistry. In addition, she is engaged in aesthetic medicine, the use of hyaluronic fillers in the service of beauty. Great team, qualified and ready to be there for you at any time.

The Lege Artis Dental Clinic is one of the youngest dental clinics in Niš. Our team consists of Dr Jelena Stojkovic and Dr Jelena Trandafilovic. Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Niš, Department of Dentistry, 2008. Years of experience and professional training guarantee the highest quality service possible.

The best care for every patient and Lege Artis services are the mission of our practice.

If you give us the opportunity, you will be assured of our expertise, patience and dedication. We are here to listen, explain and answer your questions, respect your time and make sure you leave the office with a smile.

So come and don't be afraid to show your teeth!



  • Aesthetics
  • Children dentistry
  • General dentistry

In-Network Insurance

  • Uniqa

Prices/Services List

Dental examination2€

Amalgam seal8€

Composite seal (Te-Econom)10€

Composite seal (Evetric)12€

First aid5€

Deep caries therapy5€

Decrease in tooth sensitivity5€

Root canal filling (per canal)7€

Descaling, soft deposits, fluoridation15€

Toothblasting (per jaw)10€

Zircon installation10€

Phase I canal treatment5€

Tooth whitening with a lamp100€

Total denture130€

Partial denture130€

Metal-ceramic crown50€

Non-metallic ceramic crown130€

Watering fissures8€

Tooth removal8€

Complicated tooth extraction17€

Periodontal pocket processing5€

Alveolitis therapy5€

Tooth extraction with a pulpal pelvis25€

Upgrading the tooth with a fiberglass brush30€

Cast upgrade17€

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