Dr Razić Stanka
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Dr Razić Stanka
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About Razić

We practice dental practice for 30 years. We have gained a lot of work and life experience, with continuous improvement, in health institutions, as well as in private practice in the republics of the former Yugoslavia. Working in different places, with different populations, we introduced a different pathology that we dealt with with a lot of enthusiasm, even in unbearable conditions.

All this helped us to, when we established the office in 1994, to create such a concept of work that will satisfy both those who come reluctantly, with pain, and those who have the habit of taking care of their oral health. Most of our patients come to us for many years, mostly family.

Continuing to educate and follow contemporary achievements, we are based primarily on the health-functional and, of course, the aesthetic concept. The state of health of the entire organism is directly related to the health of the mouth and teeth, and the patients point to the necessity of regular controls and the preservation of the natural state of the teeth.

For those who have recently become our patients, they have a complex problem solving, we have prepared an adequate program in cooperation with our colleagues from other specialties.

We give our successors, younger colleagues, an experience that will bring their knowledge and ability to the forefront. Thus, we open our patients the possibility of choosing therapists and the opportunity to gain the confidence necessary to achieve good results.



  • Aesthetics
  • Children dentistry
  • General dentistry
  • Implantology
  • Oral surgery
  • Orthodontist

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