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Tia Dentico

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About Tia Dentico

Dental practice “TIA Dentico” is set in Belgrade.

Our team consists of doctors – specialists from all fields of dentistry, with one goal only – to offer you the best possible service. In addition to highly educated personnel, we also guarantee to use materials of renowned manufacturers while simultaneously following current trends, as well as collaborating with leading dental laboratories, which guarantees the highest quality, which is another key element of our success.

Our goal is to make visits to the dentist no longer “discomfort that must be done”, but a thing you do with pleasure, in order to improve your health and appearance.

And do not forget – the ultimate goal, which is certainly a smile on your face, we can reach only by mutual hard work and dedication.

For this reason, you should visit the educational side of our website where we try to present everything you need to know about the health of teeth and mouth, and we will make sure that you are regularly updated with the news from the world of dentistry and medicine.

If you do not live in Belgrade, and would like to have a dazzling smile, we can help you. Many of our customers come from Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand … In our practice, you will get top service while using modern materials and equipment that follows European standards, but at much more affordable prices. Dental services in our office are up to ten times lower than the European average.
What is the way to the radiant smile?
Much easier than you think – in just 4 easy steps:
Let us know your problems, needs and desires by e-mail. It is important to also send us (via mail) a digital orthopantomographic (OPT) X-ray on the basis of which we will get familiar with your current situation.
Based on the provided information and the OPT x-ray, a detailed analysis and a general plan of treatment will be made. Soon after that, we will respond, and you will get familiar with the interventions to be performed, the time required for these interventions, the number of arrivals and the approximate price of therapy.
Specify the date and time of arrival. Think about the accommodation. This may be an apartment, hotel, hostel … in the city center or in a quieter place, depending on your needs and your budget. Either way, prices are affordable and offer diverse. Just inform us what you want, we will present proposals and help you choose the best.
You can reach Belgrade in several ways. Just as an example we will mention that you can get from Vienna to Belgrade by car in 6-7 hours, of which the largest part is the highway.
Belgrade is set at the intersection of corridor E-70 and E-75. Whether you come from Zagreb, Budapest and Sofia, the highway will pass through the wider city center (beltway around the city is under construction), so you will not miss Belgrade.
The distance of major European cities from Belgrade is: Amsterdam 1760 km, Athens 1090 km, Vienna 620 km, Berlin 1490 km, Bern 1360 km, Brussels 1700 km, Budapest 380 km, Bucharest 620 km, Istanbul, 930 km, Copenhagen 2020 km, Ljubljana 528 km, London 2070 km, Munich 1020 km, Moscow 2200 km, Podgorica 450 km, Rome 1280 km, Sarajevo 325 km, Skopje 440 km, Thessaloniki 700 km, Stockholm 2620 km, Zagreb 393 km.


  • Aesthetics
  • Children dentistry
  • General dentistry
  • Implantology
  • Oral surgery
  • Orthodontist

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