Winner Smile

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Winner Smile

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About Winner Smile

The "Winner smile" office is a center for oral surgery, contemporary cosmetic dentistry and an anti-aging program.

Applying state-of-the-art materials and following the latest world standards, Winner smile provides all services in the field of: oral surgery, dental implantology, prosthetics, dental disease, reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, as well as complete anti-aging services (PRP-vampire treatment , 3D mesonites, hyaluronan, botox).

Drawing on the wishes and capabilities of patients, the expert team solves every aesthetic and health problem, all in the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of the dental clinic "Winner smile". The vision of the practice is to create and develop with each patient a relationship that will be based on mutual trust and respect, with the absence of fear of dental interventions, and with the idea that every subsequent treatment at the WS is the reason for winning more.

The expert team consists of dentists from different fields of dentistry who approach each intervention in a team with mutual consultation, so that from the examination they have a clear vision of solving each type of pain. Also, the Winner smile expert team is at all times available to all patients, both in selecting the treatment that is the best option and to provide the necessary information on every detail of the intervention that the patient chooses, as well as to provide adequate advice when is about oral health prevention and care.

The first check-up at the doctor's office is free of charge and at that time you will be provided with all the information about the dental problem you have, and at the same time the ways and methods to solve it in a painless and effective way. If you decide to give yourself the dazzling smile you deserve with which to enter the new year, then the Winner smile dental office is the ideal place to put your decision into action.




  • Aesthetics
  • Children dentistry
  • General dentistry
  • Implantology
  • Oral surgery
  • Orthodontist

Prices/Services List

Watering fissures15€

Milk tooth extraction15€

Filler on milk tooth15€

Removal of soft and firm deposits, tooth polishing and fluoridation of teeth20€

Causal therapy of periodontopathy - by the jaw80€

Treatment of acute periodontal abscess10€

Gingivetomy - per tooth55€


Implantation of implant380€

Composite fill on the front teeth24€

Composite fill on the lateral teeth28€

Composite veneer35€

Endodontic dental treatment - single root25€

Endodontic dental treatment-multicore55€

Partial acrylic denture200€

Total denture300€

Partial skeletal prosthesis305€

Installation of atachmen - para100€

Indirect denture support50€

Temporary Bridge - Per Member18€

Temporary implant crown100€

Metal-free crown170€

Non-metallic crown on implant + zirconium suprastructure355€

Fiberglass brake30€

Composite upgrade with brake50€

Teeth Whitening - Home100€

Tooth whitening - surgery127€

Fixed orthodontic appliance560€

Mobile orthodontic appliance200€

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