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featured Verified Winner Smile

The "Winner smile" office is a center for oral surgery, contemporary cosmetic dentistry and an anti-aging program.

Verified prof. dr Svetislav Milenković

He was born in Belgrade in 1948, where he graduated from elementary school, gymnasium and medical school in 1973. After a compulsory medical intern

  • Tršćanska 21, Zemun
  • 011 37 52 283
Verified dr Kristina Savić

dr Kristina Savić


Medical retina (retinal diseases and yellow spots), laser interventions on the fundus, treatment of eye changes in diabetes, functional electrodiag

  • Tršćanska 21, 11080 Zemun
  • 011 37 52 283
Verified dr Vladimir Suvajac

dr Vladimir Suvajac


Cataract surgery. Intraocular refractive surgery and implantation of premium multifocal lenses. Corneal refractive surgery / laser diopter removal.

  • Tršćanska 21, Zemun
  • 011 37 52 283
Verified mr sci. med. dr Gordana Suvajac

Mr Dr. Gordana Suvajac, Medical Director of Profesional Hospital, has over 30 years of experience as a specialist in ophthalmology. He is

  • Tršćanska 21, Zemun
  • 011 37 52 283
featured Verified Profesional


eye hospital

Eye Hospital "Professional" dr Suvajac, 25 years in existence, a professional team with over 50,000 surgeries and cutting edge technology guarantee

Verified dr Radlovački

dr Radlovački

specialist dental practice

Dr. Radlovacki's dental prosthetics specialist office is located in the center of Belgrade, near Slavija Square.

Verified Beo Smile Design

The first practice was established in 1984. Today, the office is located in the center of the city (Slavija, above Mec) and is equipped with state-

Verified Milošević Dental

A healthy smile is guided by the professional staff of the dental office Dental Milošević, providing you with services in all areas of dentistry.

Verified Bludent

DENTAL ORFINATIONS DENTAL BLUDENT DENTAL Our office has existed for 13 years in the service of the health of your teeth. We also provide pediatric