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Verified Dental Medicus

The Dental Medicus Dental Clinic is a new doctor's office in Vracar that began operations in February 2019 at Cara Nikolaja 77 II. The practice of

Verified Dragović Dental

If you are looking for a modern dental office where dedicated and educated doctors work, come with us and we will convince you that visiting a dent

Verified OrthoSmile


dental clinic

Specialist dental practice in the field of orthodontics (orthodontics) that provides services of aesthetic and restorative dentistry, periodontics,

Verified Fildent


dental clinic

Dental office "FILDENT" started working in August 2008 with the intention of presenting the achievements of modern dentistry to its patients. Ma

Verified Dr Ristic

Dr Ristic

Dental clinic

Dr Ristic Dental Clinic is a new and modernly equipped office located on the old and well-known location in Sabac. It is a novelty that a dental

Verified Miščević


Dental clinic

We are determined to make your visit to the dentist pleasant, to leave us with a more beautiful and wider smile!

Verified Dr Marijeta

Dr Marijeta

Dental clinic

Modern dental clinic, tell us all yur wishes, and we will make your smile perfect.

featured Verified Dr Ognjen Stankov

Dr Ognjen Stankov

Dental clinic

Dentalpractice “Dr Ognjen Stankov” is located in Borca, it was founded in 1998. It is equipped with six dental chairs, and the facilities also

Verified Atlas


Dental clinic

Dental office Atlas Dentistry was founded in 1998 as one of the first in block 64. From the very beginning, we are trying to provide the ultimate

Verified Modent

Our approach to modern dentistry is based on painless treatment. Regular visits to the dentist and proper oral hygiene is the key to your good ora