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By analyzing the tourist offer in Sokobanja, we realized that Sokobanja lacked a luxury tourist offer. From the desire to create the perfect place for vacation, we have built a Nataly spa complex consisting of two buildings. The first object, the Nataly convoy, began operations in May 2014. The second facility started operating in May 2017.
Nataly spa is located in the center of Sokobanja, but still in a quiet part, just above the marble promenade. Building a building, we tried to comply with all environmental standards. That's why the roof and panorama of the terraces are grassy, ​​so natural materials are used, so everything is in harmony with nature.
Nataly spa facility A contains 14 luxuriously equipped apartments while Building B has 4 apartments.
Nataly spa has its own wells and heat pumps for heating. This ensured the regular functioning of the wellness complex throughout the year
Nataly Spa has its own parking space which is free for all guests of the hotel. We took special care of the yard. A lot of greenery, grassy parts, resting areas with deck chairs, grill by the stream. A stream is a special story. It brings you freshness of Mount Ozren so it's pleasant even in the hottest days.
Nataly Spa has a closed-style restaurant and a garden restaurant with a view of the stream. The basic service offered is bed and breakfast.


What separates us from others?

Superior service that can be spotted at every step. You can always count on kindness and smile.

Luxuriously furnished apartments where we took care of the tiniest details to make your holiday perfect

An impeccable nature and environment. The rose of the winds from the tops of Ozren descends to the terrace itself, and the view from the roof terrace leads you to the waterfront of the Sokobanja basin.

At every step, a place to enjoy. Roof terrace with deck chairs and sofas, deck chairs and sofas in the yard, summer garden, barbecue by the stream.

The swimming pool and spa center are completely free for all hotel guests.

The breakfast service is based on a buffet with a rich selection.

Content organization

It is our pleasure to wish you a warm welcome and a pleasant holiday in Nataly Spa.

Nataly spa

· Reception

· Lobby Bar

· A restaurant

· Spa center

· Swimming pool

· Terrace next to the stream

· Terrace next to the pool

· Restaurant restaurant

· Panoramic taras on the last floor

· Parking and car parking

Reception is available 24h for all information and reservations.

Lobby bar in the reception area with a rich selection of drinks, hot and cold drinks.

Restaurant with capacity of up to 50 people. In the restaurant, freshly prepared breakfasts are served daily on the basis of a buffet. We offer a wide selection of local salty and sweet pastries, dairy products, seasonal fruits and vegetables, hot and cold drinks. The restaurant is equipped with vido beam and projector, suitable for organizing presentations and seminars. The restaurant is served from 8h to 22h

Spa center is located in a very pleasant environment in the lower level of Nataly spa. The offer includes indoor swimming pool with regulated temperature, hydromassage and waterfall, jacuzzi, steam bath, Finnish aromatherapy sauna, tropical rain, kneipp bench, warm benches, salt cave, massage room.

Swimming pool with hydromassage for feet, legs and back, swimming pool is maximum depth up to 1.6m and temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius. Hydromassage is a transparent type of massage where water is used as a massage. Increased water temperature during hydromassage leads to the strengthening of immunity, releasing the organism from soreness and tension. A waterfall can serve to massage the neck and shoulders. It rounds up an unforgettable experience in the pool, and running water with your sound gives you a relaxing atmosphere.

Jacuzzi for extraordinary recycling with a pleasant flow of water and a bubble of air bubbles. Specially designed hot water nozzles perform deep massage of specific points of the bone-joint and muscular system. Healthy is useful because it works on tired muscles, relieves pain and provides a good sleep. It also revitalizes the body, the mental system, it works anti-stressed, improves circulation and stimulates the flow of blood and lymphs.Recommended time of residence not longer than 15 minutes.

The steam bath or hammam acts on the respiratory system, cleanses the skin and releases excess fluid from the body. Perfect choice for staying after a stressful day or for purifying the body. It is an indoor enclosure saturated with moisture and steam that stimulates the release of toxins from the body. It works most efficiently at a temperature of up to 50 degrees Celsius. Treatment lasts for up to 20 minutes, followed by refrigeration with lukewarm cold water to stimulate the organism. The bath or hammam is beneficial for the skin, it reduces stress and fatigue, relaxes the tense muscles, improves circulation, improves the general physical and psychological state of the organism, It is effective in asthma, bronchitis and cough, as well as in rheumatic diseases and especially with the help of essential oils.

Finnish aromatherapy and chromotherapy sauna with benches in which the temperature reaches up to 100 degrees Celsius. There are wooden benches in several levels in the sauna. Eliminating excess fluid from the body while staying in the sauna releases harmful substances from the body, the immune system strengthens, the body of stress and tension relaxes. It improves circulation, the skin gets glossy glow, improves muscle tone and elasticity. It is recommended to stay for 15 minutes. After leaving the sauna, it is obligatory to shower with cold water. This cycle can be repeated over the course of the day. Contraindications: high blood pressure, pace maker, heart disease, extremely low blood pressure, enlarged veins, thrombosis, acute infections, is not recommended for pregnant women as well as for children.

Kneipp bench warm bench for body and muscle relaxation, is recommended especially before and after using massage pools, Finnish sauna and steam bath. The Kneipp bench is with hot and cold water bottles. This combination of hot-cold stimulates circulation, relieves headache and positively works in cold-syndrome syndrome. It also has positive effects on the blood flow in the extremities, which leads to higher endurance.

Salt cave. Medicinal site with microclimate. Halotherapy (in Greek halos means so) is a modern treatment method that represents a combination of staying in a salt room where a dry aerosol of natural stone salt is inhaled, creating an atmosphere with a high concentration of salt and negative ions that favorably affect the health of man. It is natural that it is necessary for our body to be able to function perfectly and completely. The air in this room is saturated with dry, dispersed salt particles. This is a method based on the dosed stay in a salty cave that is extinguished from natural salt (Himalayan salt and from the Dead Sea), and serves for the treatment of respiratory tract, allergy, bone and joint system, metabolism, immune system, neurogegetative endocrine system , has an anti-stress and mild sedative effect, reduces fatigue and mood, improves microcirculation and stimulates the removal of toxins through the skin. In the salt cave you enter while you are dry. Treatment for adults in a salty cave is 40 minutes and for children 20 minutes. One treatment stay in a salty cave replaces 4 days of stay at sea. Contraindications: acute phase of respiratory diseases, HOBP, kidney disease, hypertension, febrile, malignant diseases, tuberculosis, mental disorders.

Tropical rainfalls provide relaxation in an unusual way by removing warm and cold water. A thousand drops of tiny and large droplets sprayed across your body will enhance the effects of invaluable and valuable wellness.

You can relax by enjoying the treatments of our spa center or let our professional therapists, with your instructions, create a unique program for relaxation and relaxation. Surround yourself with relaxing peace and privacy. Spa massage room and is specially designed with regulated intensity of light, and music. Our experienced therapists will bring you into the magical world of relaxation, after which you will feel completely refreshed, awakened senses and renewed lifestyle enthusiasm. In the wellness center "Nataly spa" you can enjoy a large selection of massages that will relax you, relieve stress and prepare for long walks in the nature.

1. Body massages: relax, aroma, therapeutic, antistress (45 min, 60 min.)

2. Sports Massage (40 min.)

3. Royal Massage (40 min.)

4. Partial back massage (20 min., 30 min.)

5. Segmental neck and shoulder massage (10-15 min)

6. Foot massage (20 min.)

7. Foot massage (15 min.)

8. Facial massage (15 min.)

9. Anticellulite (20 min.)

10. Massage for pregnant women (45 min.)

Working hours of the Spa Center from 9h to 21h. For additional information and scheduling, please contact our reception staff.

Separate the time for peace and relaxation in the Nataly spa.



  • Massages
  • Salt room
  • Swimming pool
  • Thermal baths

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